Get to know me better. Mask off, personal and real. The things I learn, I want to share with the fam. If I grow, you grow with me.

Get involved and get closer to me. I want to go deep and look for a new aproach to this music industry. For the price of one cup of coffee a month you support me and the artist I support directly. I would love to share this for free with everyone, but I think this is a great way to give the people the chance that honestly want to support and get exclusive content for their ears only.

I believe music should be free and available to anyone. In my opinion its not only about the music. Its the person and community behind the music. It doesn’t even matter if you make music, I’m a human being.

As a music producer, I don’t write lyrics to express myself, so its hard to have a voice, especially if you produce for other artists. And believe me, I have a lot to say and get of my chest and I want to share my vision and music taste.

With @mixcloud select, you can support me directly without anyone between you and me. You become a part of the fam and closer to me and hopefully build a meaningfull relationship.

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