SEVDALIZA – Children of Silk EP


After the success of her first self-released EP “The Suspended Kid”, Sevdaliza releases her second batch of enigmatic songs on “Children of Silk”. The songstress draws her influences from several textures like skin and glass. Sevdaliza’s melancholic visceral voice floats over beds of mechanical instrumentation, creating dynamics of chaos and order. Her songs have a philosophical questioning character, subjects like gender diversification and perception of emotion are strongly present. Diverse comparisons have been drawn yet it remains a difficulty to specify her in a particular genre. Rhythmic tensions build slowly into chaotic climaxes. Every retribution of her lyrics becomes more intense and personal, yet she isn’t able to break from that obscure statue of a woman. Children of Silk is now available worldwide via Itunes/Spotify.




“do not rename it when it can’t be pronunciated.
do not despise it when it is undressed.
do not abuse it when it is in bloom.
do not only honor it inside buildings with marble vestments.
do not stone it when beyond the walls of comprehension.
do not kill it with gloves of silk for they will only soothe it.”

artwork: hirad sab
prod. by mucky
co-prod. by sevdaliza
keys: joel dieleman